Mac Data Recovery

mac-data-recoveryBeing a regular Mac user, you must be aware of data crisis issues on Mac. Although, Macintosh is one most advanced computing machine available in market today and is also considered as the safest. It provides ultramodern features and amazingly quick processing speed. However, at times it has been seen that regardless all the advancements and efficiency users still stuck in such unfortunate circumstances where they unexpectedly lose some very important files from Mac machine which needed to be rescued quickly. There are many reasons which often leads the users to such devastating scenario, well some of the liable factors has bee discussed bellow.

Causes Behind Loss of Mac OS X Data :

Accidental Deletion: Every now and then while erasing some unwanted data on Mac or performing some other kind of operation users unintentionally ends up with losing huge amount of data due to accidental deletion.feature-mac-data-recovery-3-b

Formatting Hard Drive: No matter if you have formatted your hard drive unknowingly or done it intentionally to fix some kind of system issue but it will causes loss of every single data stored on your Mac system.

Partitioning Error: Any kind of interruption while creating, editing or resizing partition on Mac volume can also result the same calamitous consequences and make your files inaccessible.

File System Corruption: Corruption in Mac OS X file system is yet another very critical reason which can cause leads the users to data loss scenario as file system contains all the important element regarding your data stored on hard drive.

Other Reason: Factors like virus infection, bad sector on hard drive, incomplete file transferring, abrupt system shutdown, using cut command to move files, OS malfunctioning, hardware or software issues, application conflict, boot error etc. are the most liable reasons which can causes severe data loss scenario on Mac OS X.

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However, there is no need to worry about as files lost from Mac hard drive is not permanently erased from your system, instead it just skips the users access zone. Somehow, you files still manages to make physical presence on your system and hence there is some very healthy possibility for Mac data recovery. Meanwhile in order to retrieve all your lost files completely you will need to make sure that the storage space occupied by your lost data does not get take over by any other file. Hence, follow the bellow mentioned prevention tips to avoid overwriting issue on Mac.

  • Do not store any new data on your system
  • Do not reformat your hard drive.
  • Disable secure empty trash option.
  • Do not try any silly manual recovery option.
  • Avoid using an unreliable third party tool.
  • Recover all your files as soon as possible.

How to Recover Lost Mac Data

Well, you can either opt for manual recovery option or can also rely on a professional third party tool in order to get all your lost data back on Mac. There are few usual manual steps which can proves to really very useful to overcome all kinds of minor data loss scenario on Mac with ease. Features like Trash, Time Machine, Disk Utility, FSCK command, recovery console are the most amazing methods which can helps you regain the access of all your lost files easily. Unfortunately, if none of these manual option is capable enough to restore your lost data on Mac then its time to take help of Mac Data Recovery Software.

 Recover Data with Mac Data Recovery Software:

mac-data-recovery-box-iconMac Data Recovery Software is a highly effective data rescue utility for Mac OS X system and is fully capable to restore all your files in just few easy steps. It can recover all kinds of documents, text files, videos, audio files, pictures, and so on. It can recover files from emptied trash, formatted hard drive, erased or corrupted volumes etc. It supports NTFS, HFS, HFS+ etc. volumes as well. Moreover, it safely restores all files with original name and file type. Its powerful scanning algorithm deeply scans your entire hard drive and shows you the preview of all recoverable files. It enables selective recovery and allows the users to choose desired location to saved rescued data.

Significant Features of Mac Data Recovery Software

  1. It supports recovery of all kinds of files i.e, documents, media files, texts etc.
  2. Is is able to recover data from all kinds of Mac OS X files systems.
  3. It provides preview of all recoverable files individually.
  4. Recover files from iMac,Mac Mini, MacBook Pro, Air, Mac Pro
  5. It can restore files from even external storage medias.
  6. Compatible with almost all Mac OS X version including Mac OS X 10.4 and above versions including OS X
  7. Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan.

User Guide: Steps to Use Mac Data Recovery Software

Step 1: Launch Mac Data Recovery Software on your system after downloading.

Step 2: Click on ‘Quick Recovery’ tab which is located below ‘Drive Recovery’ option.

Step 3: Choose an specific volume from where you lose your files and then click on Scan option.

Step 4: Here you can see the list of all scanned data.

Step 5: Hit the Quick Look tab to preview recoverable data and select file which you want to recover.

Step 6: Open Directory and then click on ‘Choose’ to select desired location to restore file.

Step 7: Now the progress bar will show you the restoration process.


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